Application for Electronic dry cabinets/ Auto dry boxes/ Humidity control storage cabinet/ Desiccants dry box/ Ultra low humidity dry cabinet/ Moisture-proof box

Technology Industry

  • Semi-conductors/ Electronic Parts and Components/ Silicon wafer/ Bare Printed Circuit Boards/ Optoelectronic Materials/ Data Storage Media Units

Multimedia Industry

  • Camera/Lens/ Video recorder/ Camera Drone/ Photographic Equipment/Film/ Data Storage Media Units

R & D design

  • 3D printing machine/ Filaments material/Measuring instrument

Scientific Research

  • Biological Technology/ Microscope/ Optical instruments/ Laboratory drug storage/ Medical Materials

Aerospace Technology

  • Precision parts, measuring instruments, communication equipment

Military weapons

  • Anti-virus mask / Walkie-talkie / Night vision goggles / Communication equipment / Guns and Ammunition

Art Education

  • Museum Collections / Historical Relics / Painting / Collection / Antiques

Sports industry

  • 3D printing machine/ Filaments material/Measuring instrument

Fashion Industry

  • Shoes / Bags / Clothing / Cosmetic

Music Industry

  • Guitar / Violin / Saxophone / Wood, Brass Instruments

Food and Drug Preservation

  • Tea / Coffee / Whole Grains / Health Food / Family Standing Medicine

Agricultural Development

  • Pollen / Seed / Specimen / Pesticides